sophia database


Python binding for sophia embedded database, v2.2.

  • Written in Cython for speed and low-overhead
  • Clean, memorable APIs
  • Comprehensive support for Sophia’s features
  • Supports Python 2 and 3.
  • No 3rd-party dependencies besides Cython (for building).

About Sophia:

  • Ordered key/value store
  • Keys and values can be composed of multiple fieldsdata-types
  • ACID transactions
  • MVCC, optimistic, non-blocking concurrency with multiple readers and writers.
  • Multiple databases per environment
  • Multiple- and single-statement transactions across databases
  • Prefix searches
  • Automatic garbage collection and key expiration
  • Hot backup
  • Compression
  • Multi-threaded compaction
  • mmap support, direct I/O support
  • APIs for variety of statistics on storage engine internals
  • BSD licensed

Some ideas of where Sophia might be a good fit:

  • Running on application servers, low-latency / high-throughput
  • Time-series
  • Analytics / Events / Logging
  • Full-text search
  • Secondary-index for external data-store


  • Not tested on Windoze.

If you encounter any bugs in the library, please open an issue, including a description of the bug and any related traceback.

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